Registration to Expo



Enter your dog to the Tampere international 2016 dog show now! Entering is easiest and quickest on online.
In announcing his dog exhibition, the exhibitor agrees to comply with the existing rules of the Finnish Kennel Club show, and complementary guidelines and vaccination regulations. Rules can be found on the Finnish Kennel Club's website.


Online entry address: -> ONLINE-ENTRY


Please note! When you enter your dog via the internet entry the entry fee will be paid with credit card (for Finnish residents, also internet bank payment is possible). Please DO NOT pay in advance. In order to get the reduced entry fee for the second etc. dog, you must do the entries online all at the same time.
Follow the instructions given by the system.





Entry fees

Entry fee until 1.2.2016 30 euros / dog !


Entry fee 2.2 - 29.2.2016 38 euros / second dog 33 euros.
Puppies and veterans 30 euros.


Entry fee 1.3 - 24.3.2016 45 euros / dog, second dog 40 euros.
Puppies and veterans 30 euros.

Entry fee 25.3 - 1.4.2016
65 euros / dog.


Veterans over 10-years in veteran-class for free.


Junior Handler 10 euros.


Entries by post must be made on the Finnish Kennel Club entry form and sent to address:

IBAN FI08 5730 0820 0809 80
Organizer Tampere Tampere KV 2016


Remember to enclose the copy or receipt of the payment with the entry form. Entry forms without a copy of the receipt will not be accepted!

Please enclose a Championship Certificate to enter at Champion Class or a WCC (Working Class Certificate) for Working Class. If the certificate is missing the dog will be automatically entered in Open Class.

In order to get the reduced entry fee for the second etc. dog, you must send the entry forms and receipt of the payment in same envelope or the dogs must be entered online at the same time. The discount is calculated only on the full rate entry, not puppies or veterans.

Entering by post, please, do mark clearly the date of the show you are entering your dog.

By signing the entry form the exhibitor guarantees to obey the valid Show Regulations, Vaccination Instructions and antidoping regulations of the Finnish Kennel Club.

If you have any questions of signing or breeder groups, please contact Showlink mon-fri 11.00-17.00 phone: +3589 887 30320 or e-mail:

If you send questions by e-mail, please tell us which show and your dogs registration number.